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Differences between DirectForms and Microsoft WinForms

Although main goal of DirectForms project is to develop Java GUI library that resembles WinForms API, some differences are inevitable.

Major ones are:

  • Event handling. C# has language construct of delegates, which WinForms uses to provide event handling capability. Because Java doesn't have similar language construct, DirectForms uses technique that is employed by most of Java GUI libraries. You can add and remove event handlers to specific event by using methods addXXXHandler and removeXXXHandler. You can combine adding event handler with creating instance of annonymous inner class to have more compact code.

  • Properties. Again, C# has language construct, which provides direct support of properties. In place of properties, DirectForms uses getter and setter methods like regular JavaBean class.
    So instead of:
    Text = "Hello World!";
    like in C#, in DirectForms you need to:
    setText("Hello World!");